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Summer Fun

This summer Kristin is honored to portray Judge Howard in Pro Se Litigator, a pilot for a new series shooting in Washington, DC. Pro Se Litigator is the true story of Antoine Jones, a man that was labeled a drug kingpin, but believed in himself and stopped at nothing to show the United States Government that he could succeed by representing himself in Federal Court.

Sunset Drive, a sci-fi Western flick, shoots this August in the desert near Los Angeles. Kristin stars as the woman who fights off aliens with the best. Move over Sigourney Weaver. Should be a really "hot" project!

Another series, Concussion written by Precious Stone, begins shooting season 1 in June. Often cast as a doctor, Kristin will be a psychiatrist who provides history and insight on the woman suffering from a concussion.


In the spring, Kristin brought to life a dead mother who tortures her son in a hellish nightmare for Shatter, an intense drug-related thriller written and directed by James Del Gatto.

Recently released in theatres globally: Women, written and directed by Anton Sigurdsson. Kristin is the meticulous Medical Examiner in this crime thriller where too many women get killed.

Commercially Speaking

Watch for a Southern grandma selling organic dog food! This spot will be streaming on all the services. A robot woman with a robot dog, you'll see her head explode. Airing for the next year, you're bound to see her, but may not recognize her with grey hair. Please drop a note if you catch the spot!

EXTRADITION-Award Winning TV Pilot

Kristin wrote and starred in this timely political drama. A powerful U.S. senator joins forces with a Ukrainian diplomatic aide to find a Russian hacker who can help them forward both of their political agendas.

Kristin has won eight Best Actress Awards to date for her portrayal of the cunning Senator Stromberg: European Cinematography Awards, LA Shorts Awards, New York Cinematography Awards, Zed Fest Film Festival, Anaheim International Film Festival, International Independent Film Awards, CKF International Film Festival, Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque & The Oaks Film Fest.

Nominations for Best Actress: North Europe International Film Festival, Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes & Top Indie Film Awards.

Extradition has won Best Web Series at four fests: North Europe International Film Festival, LA Shorts Awards, Blast Off Film Festival & Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque. The show won Best TV Pilot from the International Independent Film Awards and the LA Shorts Awards!

Kristin talks about Extradition in interviews with Formidable Woman Magazine and The Hollywood Times.

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