"Every Day" is the story of an athlete with an uncommon passion for her sport and life. At 86 years of age, Joy Johnson was the oldest woman to run the 2013 New York City Marathon. Kristin created the weathered and wise voice of Joy for this inspiring documentary - an official selection in this year's Sundance Film Festival.


Animator Bill Plympton's next film, "Hitler's Folly," focuses on the infamous leader's fascination with animation. With Hitler's love of Wagnerian opera being a large part of the plot, Kristin (an opera singer in a previous incarnation) was the perfect choice to portray the former Berlin stripper who worked with Eva Braun and was acquainted with Hitler, pre-WWII. A feature film with cartoons! Premiering in NYC on June 1st.


Promos are omnipresent these days - and Kristin has been involved in more than a few of them. In 2014, she played the Supreme of The Coven in a promotional event for "American Horror Story." On a lighter note, when MTV needed a British speech coach for a promo of their Movie Awards, Kristin perfectly fit the bill. And New Jersey's Papermill Playhouse utilized Kristin in their promotional photos for the 2015 season - a sample of which can be seen on the Bio page.


"Jake's Road," in which Kristin played the wife of star Eric Roberts, was the winner of Best Picture at the New Orleans Horror Film Festival and can now be purchased on Amazon or watched on Amazon Instant Video.

Over the past six months, Kristin has worked in several reenactment shows. She appeared in an episode of "I'd Kill for You," two episodes of "Mysteries at the Museum," and an episode of "My Dirty Little Secret" which will air in March. She also landed a role in a new Discovery Channel series, "Mansions and Murders," airing in May, 2015.

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