Horror films are more popular than ever and Kristin has worked on several of them lately. "Don't Kill It" brings deep trouble to Mississippi and Dolph Lundgren to solve the problem. Kristin plays the naive innkeeper who rents him her last room. Now available on Amazon.

Kristin played Jamie Lee Curtis' right hand gal in Season 1 of "Scream Queens," appearing in two episodes and the trailer. Director Ryan Murphy chose her to be Dean Munsch's secretary.

In "Hell of a New Year" Kristin became a zealous Christian mother who warns her materialistic, aimless daughter about rejecting God and the Bible. The flick has already booked some film festivals. Stay tuned for more.

On the Fringe in Toronto

Charles Manson has been in the media lately, and in "You Are Perfect," a play written by Cyndy Marion, Director of the White Horse Theatre of NYC. The company took the show to Toronto for the Fringe Festival this summer. The play received rave reviews and Kristin gave a "compelling performance" as the fervent Christian woman helping Susan Atkins, one Manson's followers who spent 42 years in prison for her actions in the Sharon Tate murders.

This is a Public Service Announcement...

PSAs are an important way of alerting people about things they might not know. Most recently, Kristin was an upset New Yorker in a spot to fight restoration of nuclear power plants at the expense of all NY ConEdison customers. In another PSA, she helped warn about online pharmacies. She tested substances that are often substituted for actual prescription drugs to cheat, and sometimes poison, customers who buy their prescriptions from international websites.


"The Historian," the feature film in which Kristin played the concerned next door neighbor of John Collum and William Sadler, won three prizes at the Long Island International Film Expo and can now be purchased or watched on Amazon.

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